"Hofbrau" Oktoberfest - on the way!

"Hofbrau" Oktoberfest - on the way!

"Hofbrau" Oktoberfest - on the way!
Hofbrau Oktoberfest beer is brewed for the most famous beer festival - Oktoberfest.

Unlike the company's original beer, this variety is denser.
This beer goes well with German cuisine, poultry, fish, dense snacks, it can be served with minced meat cutlets and other meat dishes.
It has a rich malt flavor of the variety is ideal for traditional Bavarian cuisine, and hop bitterness leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Hofbrau Munchen is proud of its history and carefully preserves its brewing traditions developed over the years. And in our time Hofbrau is one of the best beer producers. Only high quality raw materials are used for beer production, which undergo strict control.

Style: Festbier
Alcohol: 6.3%
UNTAPPD rating: 3.6

Already in the run-up to the holiday, Lisko-Plus will be putting this beer on store shelves and the best restaurants in town!

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