The Rouge de Fleur is already on tap!

The Rouge de Fleur is already on tap!

Rouge de Fleur is a fruit beer of the "cry" type with the addition of natural cherry juice, brewed according to old recipes of Belgian brewers.

The company "Lisko-Plus" LLC has brought you this refreshing beer in kegs and now you can try it for bottling in Belarusian establishments !

Before starting to brew cherry beer in Russia, the team of the Gletcher plant had to do a hard job of learning all the subtleties and secrets of production. Today, the brewery can proudly say that in our country it is possible to produce "cry", which is not inferior in taste and quality to authentic Belgian beer.

Rouge de Fleur is a refreshing sweetness, a fruity bouquet, a subtle sourness, the aroma of wild cherries and cherry seeds.

* Brewery: Gletcher

* Style: Fruit Beer

* Alcohol: 3.8%

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