The Furst Wallerstein Brauhaus brewery is located in the heart of Bavaria, in the County of Wallerstein,. The county is located in the center of a huge crater that was formed more than 15 million years ago after the fall of a huge asteroid, presumably 1.5 km in diameter. The Wallerstein region is famous for its fields with malt and hops, as well as a unique source of the purest water, which, according to local residents, is saturated with cosmic power. It is believed that this spring has extraordinary mysterious abilities, its water is very tasty and soft. The head of the county is a prince from the glorious family of Oettingen-Wallerstein, who is very careful about the art of brewing and controls the production of unique Wallerstein beer and its quality.

  • Brewery:  Furst Wallerstein Brauhaus
  • Beer style:Pilsner - German
  • Alcohol:5,1%
  • OG : 10,7%
  • Beer rating:3,112
  • Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hop extract

Can 0,5L