Beer selection for autumn

Beer selection for autumn


Autumn seasonal beer belongs to the category of amber alcoholic beverages, it has a red-brown color and good transparency. It may become cloudy when it cools.

The traditional autumnal varieties differ from the summer or spring varieties by a higher percentage of alcohol and, accordingly, a higher density. Various spices are often used, which are usually associated with warmth, cozy rest in the country house by the fireplace and delicious baking.

Here are a few styles of autumn beers that we recommend you to try this fall:

Mrzen and Oktoberfest.

Beer styles traditional to Bavaria and Munich are well represented at the famous Oktoberfest beer festival. Maerzen has been brewed since around the 16th century. Brewing technology in this time depended a lot on the seasons, and Maerzen was brewed in March while it was cold. By autumn, the beer had matured and was ready for drinking, mostly for a quick drink, for example at a festival, and the tanks were ready for new brews in the cooler autumn weather. Even in the Middle Ages with the Germans everything was practical and logical.

Red ales, aka amber ales.
It is a perfect autumn beer with colors that perfectly fits into the color of trees outside the window. Originally it appeared in Ireland and had a prefix Irish, but Americans changed the red ale in their own style. That's why many modern American amber ales are an elemental ideological interpretation of the octoberfest lager.

Pleasant and soft malt body, caramel and butterscotch in the smell and taste when you sip - red ales are almost independent of hops, the amount of which fluctuates, obeying the brewer's intention.

Pumpkin ale.
Pumpkin ale's scheme is simple: pumpkin ripens towards the end of summer, beer is brewed at the same time, and matures by mid-October - and is perfect for Halloween (or just pumpkin pie), though pumpkin ale can be enjoyed without a snack.
This style is characterized by a dense and soft body, with always vegetable notes and spices up front, but a strong malt base is felt.

Smoked Beer.
Excellent as a first course and as a beer itself. Smoked beer can be lager and ale. It was invented in Southern Germany in the 14th century, and mass production was started by the famous Bamberg brewery from the city of the same name.
The taste and smell of smoked beer is given by a special malt that was originally smoked by beech smoke and dried in the sun, when there were no special ovens for malt. That is, the heat treatment of malt two thousand years ago took place in such a way that all beers before the invention of ovens, which isolate the smoke from the fire and heat, were smoked to some extent.

Lisko-Plus is ready to provide the following fall-style beers:
- Murphy's Irish Red
- Samuel Adams Boston Lager
- Spitfire Amber Kentish Ale
- Nut Butter by Gletcher

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